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Vodafone Secure Net

What is Secure Net

Browsing the internet brings about a world of possibilities, but it also brings threats and risks. Vodafone Secure Net is a unique new service that protects you simply and safely on your Vodafone connected devices.

Protect your Family

You can activate Secure Net on your family’s mobile devices. Simply add the number of the mobile device you want to protect and select the security profile you want to assign to the account.

Keep safe with Secure Net

Parents/Guardians can block inappropriate and harmful content from children. There are 12 different categories to choose from such as adult, violence, racism.

How it works

Secure Net is simple to use. There's no need to download any apps or software. Secure Net protects you and all your family against viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites. It stops online threats before they get anywhere near your device. You can control your child's settings without touching their device - making sure they're safe and even restricting access when they should be asleep or doing homework. Depending on your tariff plan you can try out Secure Net for free. You can see how many threats we've stopped then decide whether to keep the service for just .99cent a month for each device.