What is Secure Net

A mobile security product that helps protect your whole family's devices. Sign up and enjoy peace of mind whenever you're using our network, with no extra software and no strain on your battery.

Basic features

Basic features
Digital protection
  • Detection of malicious websites and phishing attacks
  • Protection against malware infections and viruses
  • Customizable content filters

Family features

Family features
Family features
  • Select age-appropriate content filters
  • Pause mobile data with the timer function
  • Schedule internet-free time
  • Block unwanted websites

Frequently asked questions

What does Secure Net do?
Secure Net protects you from viruses, dangerous files and harmful websites when you’re using Vodafone network.
By filtering your network traffic, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file, Vodafone will block the download and alert you via SMS. If you try to access an unsafe website, we’ll direct you to a warning page where you can choose to continue to the website or navigate elsewhere.
It also provides parental controls features such as Content Filters, Pause, Bedtime and Focus so that you can manage time and access to content in a simple and unified way on your family's internet.
How much does Secure Net cost?
Secure Net is free of charge for the first 3 months. After the trial period, Secure Net at Home costs €2.99 per month, and Secure Net On the Go costs €0.99 per month for each mobile subscription.
Customers may opt out of the service without penalty any time they like.
You may only avail of the free trial period once. If you opt out of Secure Net after the free trial period ends and then opt back in again you will incur the monthly charges straight away.
If you pay for Secure Net, you’ll be clearly informed when you sign up either by SMS or on the web.
Does Secure Net protect me over both Wi-Fi and mobile network?
Secure Net at Home plan protects all your devices while connected to your broadband internet, but does not provide protection while on mobile network. Secure Net On the Go plan protects you while on Vodafone mobile network.
For a complete protection, at home and while on the go, we recommend subscribing to both plans for your broadband and your mobile lines.
Does Secure Net limit my data speed?
Secure Net does not limit your data speed.
Manage Secure Net via web

Manage Secure Net via web

You can also manage it on iOS and Android